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    We can't say it loud enough.  Yes, We've had juicers and mixers and blenders but nothing compares to the Vitamix. Slice an apple in half or quarters and drop it in - core, stem and all, add a couple whole carrots. some spinach, some pineapple, slice off the outside but you can leave in the center, frozen berries. Turn it on and in a minute you have a smooth drink you can't believe.  Oh, make hot soup or ice cream in it too.
    As we start our own recipes for drinks, ice cream and soups, I'll add them to the recipe web site.  Will probably make a special section for Vitamix recipes.....
   Make healthy drinks  -  peanut butter  -  ice cream  -  hot soups  all in the on e machine.


Glass Cleaner
It might seem funny to have a glass cleaner as a favorite item but Invisible Glass is something special.
 For 40+ years Kay has been after me to get the windows cleaner.  I tried just about everything I could find that claimed to clean glass.
    Finally found something that works and makes Kay happy.
       It's called Invisible Glass and like so many things around our house, Kay ordered it from QVC.
       I can't explain how easily and well it cleans glass you just have to try it for yourself. Google it or look for it in QVC but get some (I think our local ACE Hardware store has it).  It really gets the job done.

Good Seasons Salad Dressing Mix
I use the Italian one.
      I buy Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing Mix in a 7.6 oz package that makes a gallon at a time.  I don't mix up a gallon but always have some mixed in the fridge and there is always a few packaged in the pantry. Hmmm. I guess that should be  - are always... Oh well...

 It adds flavor to pizza and pizza sauce, pasta sauce.

    One of the recipes I like best is my Oriental Salad dressing/Dip/BBQ sauce.
    For years I've been fussing around looking for just the right Sweet and Sour sauce and a Salad Dressing.
  With Kay's help, I finally have both just the way I like them.
    Please take a look at Oriental Salad Dressing/Dip.

                     BOR-DO-LAY Sauce
    One day, many years ago, when my mother came to visit, she brought along a marinade sauce she just loved.
     She got it at Raley's in Folsom and liked it so much she bought bottles for all her friends.  It was Radich's BOR-DO-LAY sauce.  As soon as I tasted it I was hooked also.
    I use it in soups, on meat and have had a little on eggs and almost anything else I can think of.
    Their web site is  www.bordolay.com . Check it out  and see if there is a store near you that sells it.  If not, order some  in the BUY NOW area of the web site. 
    Writing about it made me hungry. I'm going to go in and make a meatloaf.  And, include some bor-do-lay.

Uncle Phaedrus  Consulting Detective and finder of Lost Recipes

Some years ago I was looking for a recipe my mother used back in the 40s. Uncle Phaedrus found it in a flash.  There is a great tasting soft taco they've been selling at the California State Fair since1948.I've been trying for years to come up with the recipe. Checked  Uncle Phaedrus and he has it.WOW!
   My site had maybe 200ish recipes. Uncle Phaedrus has thousands.
          Do yourself a favor.. visit his web site.  If you don't see what you want, e-mail him....one request per e-mail.
              Check out the site and mark it as a "favorite"  It is a MUST!  Here's his web site address.... http://www.hungrybrowser.com/phaedrus/

                                       Or, Google Uncle Phaedrus

  Sonic Blade Electric Knife
    Better than I thought. see bottom....

It's really great.   Let me tell you. . .
           I love electric knives and I've been using them for over 40 years. Maybe close to or more than 50.
I like 'em for roasts and turkeys  and a few other things but it's always a pain to get 'em out, put 'em together, plug 'em in and keep checking to make sure the cord is out of the way.  That's just a lot more work than I liked. So, although I have three, I hardly ever use them.
     One day I saw the Sonic Blade on QVC.  Looked good but I didn't believe it could or would be as good as they said.  The second time I saw it on QVC I gave in and decided to take a chance.  I could always send it back.
  Now?  I use it almost every day for almost all my cutting and slicing. And, some chopping.. As many of you know, my wife, Kay, has MS and cannot cut her food so I use this Sonic Blade to cut up almost all her food

       Here's the deal.  It can sit right on the counter in its holder and is ready whenever I need a knife.  The blades are already in the handle so it's ready whenever I need a knife.  AND, it's cordless, so I don't have to worry about a cord and it's ready whenever I need a knife.
     Do you get the idea it's always ready?   And, CORDLESS!

    A handy, ready to use, electric cordless knife.  .

    Oh, and there are two sets of blades. One set is the straight  blades like all my other electric knives have.  The other (the one I use most) is curved a little and is the most used single item in my kitchen.

     I don't have permission to link you to their web site or to QVC.  So, Google  Sonic Blade.  You'll get lots of hits and lots of places to buy them. Look around. Shop around.  When I did, a few days ago, I saw quite a few comoplaints which I don't understand.  One guy said the trigger was frozen. Maybe he didn't read the instructions to know there is a lock on it so you can't accidently start it.  Another said the holder wouldn't fit on their counter. Well, neither did mine until I moved things around.  Now I'ts always ready...
    I got mine through QVC and if I didn't like it, for any reason, I could return it within 30 days. 

  I am so glad I finally bought one.  I hope you will like it also.

After about two years the battery wasn't keeping a full strong charge so the blades were not cutting as they should. I called the company to ask about buying a new battery and they are sending me one free.
      You can't beat that!!! !! ! ! !! 

The Perfect Gourmet
 All I can say is WOW!   OK, not "all" I can say- - -. . .

   I just don't have time to cook like I used to. So, I rely on others to do a lot of the preperation and that's why we buy a lot of food through QVC (see item below).  Not long ago QVC had some Beef Wellington from The Perfect Gourmet.  We said "What the heck. Let's try it".  they should re-name it Melt-in-your-mouth Beef Wellington.  Then, later, they had Salmon a la Ritz which is like a Salmon Wellington with a creamy herb garlic cheese like center. 
    Oh, my goodness.  So, good. 
     Then we saw South West Talipia which is a seasoned  tilapia and we now have a new weekly item for our dinners. More after I do the dishes.
    We also tried their Shrimp Scampi.  We added it to my pasta sauce and had that over penne. Oh, My Goodness! I've ordered more.  Enough said.
    They may not continue to have all of the items I mentioned but whatever they doo have will be very good.

The Food Network     

If you enjoy cooking you’ve got to watch The Food Network.    They have a wide variety of shows and almost every one will have a recipe you’ll want to try. I check on the computer as toThe Food NetworkIf you enjoy cooking you’ve got to watch The Food Network.    They have a wide variety of shows and almost every one will have a recipe you’ll want to try. I check on the computer as to what shows will be on and then look at the dishes they’ll be preparing. Then I print out the recipes and make notes as they prepare the dish. Sure, the major networks have fun-time-passing shows to watch but who remembers what they saw two years ago or even last year? With The Food Network you’ll not only find recipes you’ll want to try but you’ll see how the chef puts them together. And, you and your family will have those great dishes long after you’ve forgotten whatever it was on a major network show.

    I haven’t checked, so I’ll say that almost all the hosts have cookbooks and the ones we’ve bought are well worth every penny. 


Whether it is for ribs, beef, fish or chicken, as well as just about everything else we would ever want, Costco is the place.  Kay likes Spring Mix for her Doré's salad.  The dried fruit she likes is there. If you are going to have a BBQ Costco is THE place to go. Whether you want ribs or are having  hamburgers (theirs are pre-formed and soooo good) go to Costco first.

Costco is Summertime Cookout Headquarters.  
  Winter time too....

Now if I could just get them to  sell my BBQ sauce.....

My Friend QVC

Another good friend of the home chef is QVC. They have a variety of great kitchen tools that are of good quality and at great prices. At least as far as I'm concerned.

We watch In the Kitchen With Dave almost every Sunday morning and have a wide variety of items they've offered over the years. 

I've found almost everything I've bought to cook on, in or with to be just as advertised and just as good as I'd hoped they would be.

Also, their cook books are a must. If they show a cookbook, I'll buy it. Period.


My cooking experience started out with BBQing and perhaps I should get back to it more seriously.  I don't grill, BBQ or smoke as much as I used to or as much as I'd like but it's still my first love of cooking and I finally found a place to help me out with questions, recipes and other general information about outside cooking.
      It's WEB site called BBQ 4 U  BBQ 4 U :: Index and I think it's a great site.   I "talk" a good game of BBQing but some of these people are the real deal.  My trophies are few and from 20 years ago.  Some of these folk are competing and winning today.  And, times have changed.  Have mercy, they've even got a contraption that you attach to your BBQ, stick a temperature probe in your meat and one inside the BBQ and it will regulate the flow of air to keep the temperature just where you want it.
     I've found the people in  BBQ 4 U to be friendly and willing to help with the most simple questions and the recipes and "tricks of the trade" are amazing.  It's free to look around and free to join.

       If you enjoy outdoor cooking, or want to, this is THE place to be.   BBQ 4 U :: Index

             Check 'em out.  You'll be glad you did.