I appreciate you taking time to help me with the site and for signing in and as I update the recipes I'll let you know.
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  • Carl (Thursday, June 16 05 11:21 am EDT)

    Had to try it. No one else has and I didn't know if it worked..

  • Heidi Jackson (Monday, June 20 05 10:22 am EDT)

  • Heidi Jackson (Monday, June 20 05 10:23 am EDT)

    Enjoyed your site.

  • Julia from (Thursday, June 23 05 04:04 pm EDT)

  • Julia from (Thursday, June 23 05 04:04 pm EDT)

  • Julia from (Thursday, June 23 05 04:04 pm EDT)

  • Julia from (Thursday, June 23 05 04:04 pm EDT)

  • Julia from (Thursday, June 23 05 04:05 pm EDT)

  • Julia (Thursday, June 23 05 04:10 pm EDT)

    I was hoping to find your famous BBQ sauce on your site. Could you pleas e-mail it to me.

  • Victoria Gabrielson (Saturday, June 25 05 11:39 am EDT)

    Hi carl,

    I work at La-Z-Boy with George and he told me about your great ribs. But, your web-site doesn't have the ribs sauce recipe. I would love to try it!!!

  • Karen Klikier Spencer (Wednesday, June 29 05 11:51 am EDT)

    I don't know if Kay will remember me or not, but Boy I remember you. We went to High school together at Vaca. Let me know if she remembers me I would love to talk to her. I have a great friend who also was Diagnosed with MS in 92. Regards, Karen Klikier

  • Edie Thompson Cances (Wednesday, June 29 05 01:22 pm EDT)

    Carl, This site is GREAT, I'm hungry now and I will try the recipes. Thanks for sharing. Regarding neighborhood visits, it seemed that Kay mentioned she did "get around the neighborhood" in her chair, hope she can still do that on occassion. My best to you both. Keep Cookin.
    Love Ya,

  • roger (Monday, July 04 05 12:28 pm EDT)

  • Jay (Tuesday, July 05 05 05:50 pm EDT)

    Tried your ribs and kay's beans. The best was the fudge. Fast and easy to make and tastes like the old fashioned fudge.

    Nice web site.

  • Dana (Wednesday, July 06 05 05:02 am EDT)

    Mixed up a batch of Kay's seasoning. It's great on fried eggs and stakes.
    The ribs are out of this world and you weren't kidding about the phillips screwdriver. A #2 phillips works best.

  • JoAnna Lund (Wednesday, July 06 05 06:20 am EDT)

    Great Site! I enjoyed all I saw!!!

  • Robert Murchison (Thursday, July 14 05 07:47 am EDT)

    Wow, I just found out today from Dave about this site. That’s how out of touch I have been I guess. Sorry for that.
    This site is great. Now that I am doing more cooking, it will come in very handy.
    Mom put together a recipe book for us many years ago that have allot of the recipes that you currently have. This will be great to pass on to Eric, my oldest son. He is the only one who has taken an interest in any cooking so far. I will send an e-mail and fill you in on the latest. I have no excuse for not staying in touch other than being busy at work and with the boys. All of you are very important to me and it saddens me to no end that I have not done a better job of keeping in touch. Anyway, love Kay and you.
    Take care.

  • A. Anderson (Wednesday, July 20 05 10:32 am EDT)

    Thank you Carl, your website is very informative and the recipes and pictures make it all look like anyone can prepare meals like you and Kay.

    Great Job, looking forward to see more. Also I preused the Cuisine at Home Magazine website you suggested and signed up for e-recipe/newsletter.

  • Renee Kale (Thursday, July 21 05 05:49 pm EDT)

    Love this website!!! I have tried many of Carl and Kay's recipes and they are great! Easy to follow, fun to make and sure crowd pleasers! Keep up the good work! Thanks, Renee

  • Sherry Scheide (Friday, July 22 05 08:01 am EDT)

    Hi Carl,
    I checked out your comments about Microplane and I couldn't have said it better! Thanks for being such a great fan. Let me know when you get your replacement cover and the gift I sent from us here at Microplane. Sherry

  • Jim Hieatt (Thursday, August 04 05 07:05 am EDT)

    What a neat web site. I felt like I had a visit with you. I was sorry to read about Kay. I haven't had time to look at the recipes yet.

  • Bill The Grill Guy (Friday, August 26 05 07:27 am EDT)

    Nice site you have here. It sucks that someone stole one of your tropies. Keep checking in at the BBQ 4 U. Its a great site with some very experienced cooks and some just "want to be's".

  • Jay Caldis (Sunday, September 11 05 05:06 pm EDT)

    Geez, you are always complaining you cannot do computer stuff. I could never do what you have done here. This is great.

  • Darlene (Tuesday, September 13 05 10:11 am EDT)

    Loved your recepes. I will be giving my hubby your Barbeque recipe. I have MS and he does more cooking than me. He makes his barbeque sauce too. I got a good chuckle about wanting to BB sauce at Costco..lol We said that too. LOL

  • Jim Hieatt (Tuesday, September 13 05 02:05 pm EDT)

    I showed Millie your web site and she has copied out several recipes. Thanks.
    Love, Jim

  • sue kent (Tuesday, September 27 05 06:14 pm EDT)

    Chiliquilas!!!! My favorite.

  • Carolyn and Gary Morgan (Wednesday, September 28 05 05:45 pm EDT)

    Carl and Kay,
    First of all we want to thank you for all you have done for Hattie. You were both true friends. I am going to fix your enchaladas tommorrow night. We will be thinking of you!!

  • sue kent (Saturday, October 08 05 06:37 pm EDT)

    We are making plans for the Los Ramblas chile cook off. All neighbors must cook chile, but my hubbie, a honorary member of Los Ramblas, things he just might win. What to you have to say about this?

    Thank you for today. So nice to have Kay and you with us. You touched my heart. Your reading and my having an original copy of the peom will always be remembered.
    Thanks, Susie and Chuck

  • sue kent (Saturday, October 15 05 07:44 pm EDT)

    The chicken from Sam's was a hit!!! Tonight I made Kay's meat loaf. First time my hubbie, said 'hmmm' when he tasted my cooking and then asked for a second helping. The meat loaf was so very good! I have two ham bones in the frig. Any suggestions re. their cooking. Please help!!!! I picture beans and cornbread, but do not know how to get there.

    Chuck and I talked about your making ribs. We would like to buy them for your cooking. Never have we met such a wonderful group of people. And this group loved our Aunt Hattie and are still taking care of us. We would be honored to purchase the ribs and honored to join your wonderful community in a celebration.
    This time we are celebrating you! I will also make Kay's beans.

    The trust is not as easy to settle as I thought. I will be by tomorrow and would like to ask 'the banker' a few questions'. Think the lawyer has me on track, but would like to have your opinion.

    Sadie decided she will learn to play the orgon in honor of A.H. and asked me to tell you she feels terrible. If she should not learn to play, the organ will be return to you. Please let me know tomorrow, is there anything, besides a Christmas ornament you would like. We can talk about it tomorrow if you have not made a decision. I know Aunt Hattie would want you and Kay to have something special.


  • Loretta (Tuesday, October 25 05 06:56 am EDT)

    Thank you for your web site we love it and the recipes are great.

  • Gail (Tuesday, November 01 05 06:11 pm EST)

    I just wanted to tell you how delightful your web site is. There were many recipes I can't wait to try! Cooking is a passion of mine, so I was thrilled to find your web site. Thank you!
    Gail Houston
    Excelsior Springs, Missouri

  • Susan Brumett (Wednesday, November 02 05 08:54 am EST)

    I enjoyed perusing your site. I just happened on to it while I was surfing during a lunch hour. Keep up the good work!

  • Nancy Scott (Sunday, November 06 05 03:27 am EST)

  • Pat Certo (Sunday, November 06 05 01:42 pm EST)

    I made Carls "Blue Olives" for a neighborhood party. They were wonderful. Hats off to you, Carl. You were right, I should have doubled the batch.

  • ruth (Monday, November 07 05 10:00 am EST)

    I usually prepare thanksgiving dinner for my family of about 20. I found that baking my turkeys(2 12 or 14 #) the day before really saves the oven(i have just one)for the day of. I take all the meat off the carcass, separate the white from the dark meat, put all of it in a baking pan, stick in the fridge,and on the day of, i use a can of chix broth(or use saved turkey drippings)over the meat,cover,and heat up. You have the mess of the carcass cleaned up and out of there. I find this makes for a more leisurly thanksgiving or xmas day!

  • jody (Tuesday, November 08 05 04:21 am EST)

  • James A. Manone (Friday, November 11 05 03:22 am EST)

    Hello Carl, I cook the turkey on Thankgiving only. This is the only time I am allowed to actually cook. I have an idea for making the turkey with Rum and Honey basting, have you any ideas for me. I am also thinking about adding Bueberries and Raspberries to the blend of honey and rum, what do you think, Please email back with your thoughts and ideas Mr. Manone

  • Ms. Sliver (Friday, November 11 05 05:03 am EST)

    hey, this saw your food ..this wanna come in and said ..everythang look so wonderful you keep up the good wonderful eatin and heyy,, just good luck ya'..i'm in oklahoma city, okla and i'm a black woman here also ..okayy ..byee

  • Lori (Friday, November 11 05 05:06 am EST)

    Hi Carl - I just found you through AOL cooks. My compliments to you on your web site - it's fantastic! Looking forward to trying some of your recipes. Those ribs sure look tasty! :)

  • Carrie (Sunday, November 13 05 12:53 pm EST)

    Hi pop,
    Just getting Turkey day recipes!! Wishing you were coming and bringing them with you!!
    Love you

  • Judy & Greg Phelan (Sunday, December 11 05 09:51 am EST)


    Most impressive website! Thanks for the Buckeye recipe.

    Best to you both!!

    Judy & Greg

  • Luetta Strothkamp (Friday, December 16 05 03:19 pm EST)

    I am Evelyn Carlson's friend, I was at her home this evening, and she read your Christmas letter to me, very interesting. So, thought I would try out your web page.

  • Joannie Brinkman (Thursday, January 12 06 06:00 am EST)

    I am getting the recipe written up for you--think I will email it - you will get it sooner.

  • sue (Wednesday, February 01 06 03:33 pm EST)

    Just when I was beginning to trust!!!! I bought the hamburger and sausage for meatloaf and what to do with spices. I an in big trouble!!! I figure you owe me big time, Thought if letting you off easy,,,ribs etc.,,,but no way,

    If you need help getting receipes online, Chuck is rather handy, I am on Chuck's op.c. and the keyboard drives ne nuts,

    Lets get together soon,


  • Tracie (Thursday, February 09 06 05:34 am EST)

    i love your web site

  • Lynn (Tuesday, February 28 06 04:05 pm EST)

    I was looking for the recipe page that I thought you got started with different ones in the food chat room. If you don't mind please send me an email and let me know how to get to that page. I was just interested in looking at what different recipes the people from the food chat room might have put on the page.


  • Genevieve (Thursday, March 02 06 07:45 am EST)

  • Tammi (Friday, March 03 06 11:36 am EST)

    What a nice site. Those recipes seem so comforting. Thanks Carl!

  • Sadie (Sunday, March 05 06 12:22 pm EST)

    Enjoyed reading about you..pleased someone besides me just cooks because that is what they love to do...bless Sadie

  • Renee Kale (Sunday, March 05 06 07:26 pm EST)

    Wow, your website is growing! I love it! Have tried many of your recipes with great results. Please put me on your cookbook list. Yum!

  • Linda Canfield Scott (Tuesday, March 07 06 09:16 am EST)

    Love your website, Carl!
    I can't wait to have more time to check out the recipes. Everything is so informative and loved seeing your pics. You still look the same from 20 years ago. Miss you and Kay.

  • susan clark (Sunday, March 12 06 12:46 pm EST)

    Keep-up the GREAT work Carl!
    Susan Clark/You're the Chef

  • Remember me?? (Saturday, March 18 06 01:43 pm EST)

    Warning...I'll give you a call first!! Will stop by for a visit next week. It's been so long since I've seen you two.
    Alls well here and hope the same for you.

    Cooking your porkchops with the brown sugar, ketchup and lemon this evening. Been neglecting my husband's stomach and need to make up big time! Thanks for your help...I knew you would have something delicious!

  • Susan Clark (Saturday, April 15 06 05:36 am EDT)

    Hi Carl:
    It's getting to be strawberry season. Time for me to make jams & Jellies soon. Hope all is well with you and Kay.

  • Doug Thomas (Tuesday, May 02 06 04:23 pm EDT)

    Hi, Carl.

    So, you are a culinary specialist! Very interesting!

    Am sending you a message separately re: the Class of 57 reunion planning.


  • Kent Kaiser (Tuesday, May 09 06 07:22 am EDT)

  • rebeka (Monday, June 05 06 10:11 am EDT)

    I love the web site!!!

  • Carl (Tuesday, July 11 06 04:26 pm EDT)

    Testing.. No mail for a month. ??

  • Beth (Friday, August 18 06 04:36 am EDT)

    What a great site you have! I am wondering if you can help me find 2 recipes. My dad is swedish and talks about cardamom bread - do you know of a recipe for it? Also, my husband is from New Zealand and talks about meat pies - any recipes for those?
    I love to cook and make big meals everynight!

  • Marge (Friday, August 18 06 04:51 pm EDT)

    Carl, Thanks for taking the time to make such a wonderful web site. Your recipes are just great!!! Thank You!!!

  • Heather (Thursday, September 21 06 04:55 pm EDT)

    Uncle Carl,
    If you make a cookbook, I'd definitely want one! I'm getting an apartment next semester, and need some ideas!

  • Jjim Griffith (Saturday, October 28 06 12:59 pm EDT)

    Hi Carl. Long time no see.I Recognized you and Dana in the picture. Must say you look well perserved. I was supprised how much Dana has changed since I last saw him at McClellan AFB. I retired in 98, full time rancher now. I have a Repeater site on the ranch (3120 Iron Mine Rd. Auburn Ca. 95602, 530-878-1040, or 916-704-5262 cel), and finnaly got a ham license(ki6azh). You can usually find me on the auburn repeater 145.430 Mhz pl 162.2. Say hi to Dana for me as I don't know where he is now . Stay in touch. Jim

  • Stacie (Saturday, November 11 06 10:23 am EST)

    HI Carl!

    Nice site and great to meet you today in food chat! Come back soon!

  • Debbie Daniels (Tuesday, November 21 06 03:03 am EST)

    Hi Carl, What a great website and I'm going to try to make some of these appetizers for the holidays. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  • Elaine Nelson (Wednesday, November 22 06 03:59 pm EST)

    Carl ~ Your web site is great and I think it's great that you enjoy the culinary arts!! Hope to see you on the Food Network soon!!

  • Ed Underwood (Saturday, November 25 06 07:22 pm EST)

    It was good to see you today at Zug's funeral.


  • DOUG VIEIRA (Wednesday, November 29 06 09:06 am EST)

    Carl,Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. It was great to see you and visit for a while when you drove by a couple of weeks ago. Our best to you and family for a peaceful and joyful Christmas. Doug

  • douglas depew (Sunday, December 10 06 09:14 pm EST)

    just got around to looking at your page by the way if you download a google toolbar they do an excellant job off blocking spam and its free..take care& merry christmas

  • Diana Solero (Monday, December 11 06 07:30 am EST)

    I met you in the Stress Echo Lab at Dr. Platt's. Remember me? You mentioned Oatmeal cookies that were gluton-free, but the only recipe I can find contains flour. Am I missing something? Diana

  • Shawanna (Tuesday, December 12 06 04:06 pm EST)

    I thought you might like this website. Its loaded with a large variety of recipesfrom all over the world.


  • sandi (Thursday, December 28 06 10:44 am EST)

    carl ive been waiting for your pasta sauce- u r as lazy as everyone says-get it to me soon!!!! friends who have had it say it is the best!! Dont keep me waiting much longer! and also put the pumpkin bars in! they were so fantastic!!

  • JASON PORTILLO (Friday, January 19 07 08:18 am EST)

    I tried the BBQ sauce last night on some St Louis style ribs (boneless) and they were out of this world. Thanks Carl and Kay for your sauce and most importantly... your friendship.

  • Genevieve Voorhees (Wednesday, February 14 07 08:27 am EST)

    Carl...am taking the broccoli salad to a potluck luncheon today---I have to admit that I'm not taking ALL of it!! After tasting it this morning and adding the nuts, I decided to keep a smidge for us for a Valentine's dinner tonight..YUMMMMMMMOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Maria (Tuesday, April 17 07 07:43 am EDT)

    I love your site, I love your recipes, thanks for sharing!


  • Sharon Bone Middlekauff (Monday, May 07 07 03:30 pm EDT)

    Getting ready to make my famous margaritas and sit out on the deck and look at flowers and birds. You told me to check for the recipes for May, so here I am!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Middlekauff (Wednesday, May 16 07 12:11 pm EDT)

  • Bobbi (Sunday, May 20 07 02:28 am EDT)

    I enjoyed looking around the recipes; that short rib recipe only lacked the homemade noodles to complete it, yumm

  • Debbie (Sunday, May 27 07 07:57 am EDT)

    What a nice site, Carl! I'm enjoying it a lot.

  • Debbie (Monday, May 28 07 06:14 pm EDT)

    I tried your bbq sauce on the ribs today. Oh my...oh my. Very yummy.

  • Debbie (Tuesday, June 05 07 05:52 pm EDT)

    Carl, I made your Sticky Lime Salmon tonight and it was wonderful. I served it with Baked Cheesy Polenta with Swiss Chard, since my garden harvest included chard today. Nice complement of flavors.

  • Genevieve (Monday, June 18 07 12:36 pm EDT)

    Well, the latest Carl/Kay recipe I've tried is a winner too!! Having a ladies' brunch, and made the mini cherry cheesecakes, which look adorable and taste just yummy.

    Thanks, you two!

  • Sharon Middlekauff (Monday, July 02 07 06:26 pm EDT)

    Had my famous ribs tonight and thought of Carl the Cook. My Son-in-laws Birthday, so I also cooked all the fish they cought at Father & Sons. Well have a Happy 4-th and stay safe!

  • Heather (Thursday, July 05 07 07:25 am EDT)

    Hey Uncle Carl!

    Having finally discovered how good BBQ is, once we get to an actual place in Texas, I am definitely going to make your sauce, and I might try my hand at the ribs, too!

    Much love!

  • Pat (Friday, July 20 07 06:37 am EDT)


    Thanks for the suggestions you gave me recently on where to look for that elusive recipe for pickled okra. Recently I posted a request for a recipe for that on an AOL message board. Thanks to your suggestions, I found a couple of recipes to give to my mother-in-law. I'm adding your website to my "favorite places"! Thanks again.

  • Genevieve (Tuesday, July 31 07 12:22 pm EDT)

    Thinking of you...and thanking you again Carl, as I make still another batch of broccoli salad for the family to enjoy!! We just love it!

  • Dave Jenkins (Thursday, August 02 07 05:39 am EDT)

    HEY! Sure glad to hear from you! Particularly since I'm going to be grilling some porkchops from Costco for dinner tonight! What fun to have contact from you, Carl, and to find out you like to cook and are good at it.

  • Jean Colwell (Saturday, September 01 07 06:06 pm EDT)

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed seeing you and what's important to you. Yours, Jean

  • SpunkyMomma (Tuesday, September 11 07 11:17 am EDT)

    Just thought I would say hey! I spoke with you yesterday when you called and ordered a pair of pants from the company I work for! I am going to give the Pork Chop Supreme a try tonight! I look forward to trying the many great recipes that I have read today! I am sure that there are many more to come!

  • Don Barkhurst (Sunday, September 23 07 06:27 am EDT)


    I'm glad I had the chance to sit and talk with you at the reunion. I enjoy visiting your website and will have to try some of the recipes.


  • Bill Thielbahr (Wednesday, October 10 07 08:38 am EDT)

    I tried CarlDeCook's BBQ sauce on baby back spareribs, cooked over my gas-fired BBQ. I followed Carl's instructions regarding the preparation of the ribs and the application of the sauce. In my 50+ years of eating spareribs, I have never experienced such a wonderful taste. It will now be the only way to cook my spareribs and the only sauce to use. I have since used the BBQ sauce on BBQed chicken and found it to also add an unbeatable flavor.

  • Michele Wood (Sunday, December 09 07 07:24 am EST)

    Hello Carl! Hello Kay!

    It's me, I used to live down the street when I was Michele Lamprecht! Funny how I found Carl's website - I've been thinking about Kay a lot recently, and about our short visit when I was in California 2 years ago. I went online to see if I could find your mailing address and came across Carl's cooking site.

    I love this - and even more, I love that I'm seeing some of Kay's recipes that I STILL have on food-splattered recipe cards from the Pixie Play School days. My favorites are still Kay's vegetable beef soup and taco salad. Oh and her bread pudding! Mmmm.

    I love the pictures you've posted on your site. Kay looks just as I remember her from the days when I lived in Concord, and so does Carl - just a bit grayer. You both look so happy in the pictures. Carl, it shows that you do love to cook!

    Wishing you both the happiest of holidays.


  • Edie Thompson Cances (Thursday, December 13 07 12:31 pm EST)

    Vaca High Class of 64, Hi Kay.
    Carl, Love your site.
    Thanks for the recipes.
    Take Care and Merry Christmas.

  • Crystal Claus (Wednesday, December 26 07 08:08 am EST)

    This is Mrs. Santa Claus. I ran into you by Ed's Mudville and you gave me your card.
    Love your website and can't wait to try some recipes.
    Thanks! C.Claus

  • Sharon (Sunday, January 27 08 05:47 pm EST)

    Tried your BBQ sauce on ribs tonight, very good. Also made your mac & cheese. Neighbor brought over home made bread just out of over, a glass of wine and a great meal!

  • Dana Bowers (Thursday, January 31 08 10:11 am EST)

    Your rib sauce is as good, if not better, than Poor Red's original used to be, in their glory days (long passed).
    Kay's seasoning is great with stake and eggs.

  • Chris Urban (Monday, May 12 08 04:29 pm EDT)

    Great site, Carl! I like the tip about Uncle Phaedrus - I'll have to remember to look him up next time I need a recipe. We also love QVC too!

  • Ellie Fulton (Wednesday, May 28 08 04:17 am EDT)

    A wonderfully delicious website! Thanks for all the hard work and new cooking adventures.

  • Sharon Middlekauff (Saturday, June 28 08 10:15 pm EDT)

    Could not sleep, so thought of all your good receipes and checked on many. All sound good and I wish someone was making all of them for me now!

  • Leona McMillen (Thursday, October 23 08 03:08 am EDT)

    Finally found your site...really interesting..my daughter will be interested..she's a nutritionist.

  • Beth Whitworth (Sunday, November 09 08 11:50 am EST)

    Love your website! The smoked porkchops I was telling you about are from Burgers' Smokehouse in Missouri. www.smokehouse.com

  • Heather (Friday, January 16 09 09:02 am EST)

    Hi Uncle Carl!

    Thought I'd let you know that I've started a food blog!

  • Billy Allen (Tuesday, January 20 09 07:34 am EST)

    You ribs and sauce sound like they would be wonderful. I got the recipe and will try it. I am going to try them on a smoker. thank you very and I really like your web site.

  • Debi Murphy (Friday, April 24 09 06:14 am EDT)

    I met Carl last weekend in line at Safeway. Thank you for your card! I can't wait to try some of these recipes and will give you feedback! See you soon at Safeway! Debi Murphy

  • Pete Marino (Sunday, May 03 09 10:10 am EDT)

    I like your site. Very clean and easy to navigate.

  • Yvonne (Sells) Krautbauer (Tuesday, May 19 09 06:21 pm EDT)

    Nice to see pictures of Kay.

  • Lynnette Purvis (Sunday, August 23 09 02:32 pm EDT)

    Great site, Carl... recipes look yummy!!

  • Emilio Brooks (Monday, November 09 09 06:49 am EST)


    It was my pleasure talking to you the other day. My prayers are with you and you family. thank you for the pleasant Convo. The Ribs look Great ..im going to have a BBQ this weekend with a few friends.



  • BJ Clark-Larson (Monday, January 04 10 01:30 pm EST)

    I hadn't visited in awhile - what you've done is good. You can come to Culver & make ribs any time you want, they are yummers..=)

  • Theresa Lane (Thursday, February 18 10 02:56 pm EST)

    Carl, I am the mother of Deanna at Monster Scooter Parts. She was sharing your website with me. The ribs look so yummy and i will try your sauce, i promise. Probably many of your recipes. I will keep your lovely wife in my prayers also. Keep on cookin'.

  • Mari @ Once Upon a Plate (Tuesday, April 27 10 04:43 pm EDT)

    Hello Carl! Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave such a nice comment. :)

    I'm so happy you had a taste of your first kumquats and liked them. Your site is very attractive and I wish you much success! I look forward to visiting again. Kind regards, Mari

    PS. I'm a SF Bay Area native, transplanted to the Pac NW.

  • test (Sunday, September 26 10 06:24 am EDT)

    Still working???

  • Kathryn Shepard (Monday, November 15 10 07:56 pm EST)

    My dearest Carl. I read your section on Kay's Multiple Sclerosis and I must say you are both pillars of strength. I also have MS. My first attack came when I was about 26 or 28 years old. I am now 53 and am still walking. I am currently on Rebif and have been for the last 4 years with very little problems. Good news though that you may want to investigate. The FDA has just released a new oral medication (Fingolimod) for the treatment of MS. My doctor and I are going to discuss switching over to this. The chemical compound is the same as Rebif-beta interferon 1a. Just think, no more shots! I have been doing research on the drug and there is a good possibility it may also aid in repairing damage to myelin. There are some safety issues I am concerned with which I will discuss with my neurologist this week. I sincerely hope you will look into this drug. You can get info from the National MS Society website. I will keep both you and Kay in my prayers for her continued improvement and tell her I have found that attitude is 99% of this battle. I wish you both my best as I know what you are both going through. By the way, I love your recipes & can't wait to try some of the crock pot items.
    Take care.

    Kat Shepard

  • Suzanne Ogden (Thursday, December 09 10 07:48 am EST)

    Thanks for sharing with me your recipes. I will certainly try some of them.

  • Jen Stojanovich (Monday, January 03 11 11:24 am EST)

    Hey Carl,

    Just browsing your site looking for easy but delicious recipes now that we have 3 kids. :) Hope all is well. Happy new year! Tell Kay hello from us too! Jen

  • Janeine (Wednesday, January 12 11 08:28 am EST)

    Hey carl! Thanks for the sweet treat. I love the candied Pecans you brought in the the office! You were SOOOO right i couldn't stop eating them. LOL!

    Thanks again,


  • Sue Kent (Sunday, March 20 11 11:59 am EDT)

    Hi Carl,
    This is Hsttie's niece, Susie. I think of you and Kay so very often, especially when I get on your site to search for a recipe. They are always so very good and make me love cooking!

  • Bill Pisani (Wednesday, June 01 11 05:50 pm EDT)

    My daughter, Stephanie Morano, gave me your site tonight (6/1)
    I think it is great and I am looking forward to using many of your listings. I too graduated from high school in 1957, Abraham Lincoln in SF. I spent my entire career in the title insurance and escrow business.

  • Leslie Luscombe (Sunday, June 12 11 04:24 pm EDT)

    I've just had a few minutes to look through your website, and now I can't wait to try some of your recipes. Thanks for sharing. The rib pictures make me really hungry!

  • Teresa (Thursday, June 16 11 08:58 am EDT)

    Hi Carl, just wanted to let you know I checked out one of your receipes.. the one for Kielbasa, it was yummy. in fact, I'm eating the left overs right now!! Thank you

  • Nancy Lee Lincoln Jones (Sunday, June 19 11 06:08 am EDT)

    I really enjoyed visiting your site!

  • Nancy Lee Lincoln Jons (Sunday, June 19 11 06:25 am EDT)

    I just wanted you to know that I looked over many of your recipes (including Aunt Ginny's Jumbalaya and Wine Cake) as well as te update about Kay's MS. Take care Carl- I know it has been a difficult time!

  • Michael Foote (Thursday, July 07 11 12:52 pm EDT)

    Having some RIBS for dinner tonight.
    Really enjoyed perusing your site.

  • Herb Reinhart (Wednesday, September 28 11 09:08 am EDT)

    Ahoy Carl
    Just a quick note to thank you for having such a great demeanor. Attitude IS everything, and your attitude is great. Keep making people smile. Thanks for the recipes.
    Herb (from Apple) in Canada

  • Talbert McMullin (Tuesday, November 29 11 11:29 am EST)

    Interesting site, Carl!

  • Meghan (Tuesday, December 20 11 08:27 pm EST)

    Hi Carl and Kay,

    It was a delight meeting you today at Macy's. I am so excited to spend a little time on your website and add a few of your recipes to my repertoire. With so many options, where to begin?!!! I saw your call out to me on the website and can't wait to see what you add to this already amazing list of recipes! Wishing you all the joys of the Holiday season.

  • Marilyn Combs (Tuesday, March 13 12 02:03 pm EDT)

    I'm enjoying reading the information on your website.

  • Walter Sanchez (Sunday, March 25 12 06:03 am EDT)

    Just thought I check out the recipes you have posted.

  • Andrew Leas (Tuesday, September 04 12 01:14 pm EDT)

    Thanks Carl for getting in touch with me. Love the site so far - will have to really check it out.

  • Angela Stonebraker (Saturday, November 10 12 05:27 am EST)

    Hello Carl...Angela here from Florida. It is this time of the year again and I always find myself looking up your wonderful recipes. Hope this finds you and your wife well. I went to look up your wonderful Southwestern chili...but the link does not open Drop me a line if you can. Sincerely, Angela

  • Kathy Nattkemper (Tuesday, December 11 12 12:19 pm EST)

    I love the "Spiced Nuts" thank you so much. I was going to save them and I keep catching my hand in the tin. I love this site you set up and plan to try out some of your recipes.

  • Kathy Nattkemper (Tuesday, December 11 12 12:38 pm EST)

    Carl I just finished reading the section on Kay's MS. You are a wonderful writer and so full of humor. I loved it and thank you for writing it. I can hardly wait to try your cooking spice.

  • sally lucia (Wednesday, December 12 12 09:43 am EST)

    As I am enjoying (another) handful of those spicy nuts, I came to look at your site. I'll be returning...you had me with those ribs! Seriously, this looks like a wonderful site.
    It was so great seeing you and Kay this week! Merry Christmas!

  • Luetta Strothkamp (Saturday, December 22 12 10:14 am EST)

    My dear friend is Evelyn Carlson, she received a tin of your spiced nuts, and oh boy, are they ever good!!! She is quite a lady for 95, I take her to the store or whereever she needs to go.

  • Sharon (Saturday, March 16 13 04:11 pm EDT)

    Kay's Class of '64
    I don't have any web pages

  • Kimberly Spears (Monday, April 29 13 04:39 am EDT)

    Website looks great Carl! Along with Kay's Marshmallow Sauce, I am going to try Teresa's Chicken Florentine Artichoke Casserole. I will take your advice and add bacon. Yum! I know Les and Taylor will be excited about this dish!

  • lynda gonzales (Friday, February 06 15 06:15 am EST)

    Thank you Carl for your web page.
    I am going to try kays mac and cheese first. I am the lady at lucky's grocery store that you have your stamps for free pots and pans to Thank you soooo much
    I ended up getting the stock pot for my son (he also likes to cook) and my mom and me got the little sauce pans... so bon Appetit..Thank you again. :)
    tell kay (i read her story) I hope she is doing well... chin up!

  • Karen Downes (Monday, July 18 16 08:36 pm EDT)

    I just found this site. I love it!

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