BBQ Baked Beans

Carl & Kay Depew


1 Can (31 oz.)      Pork & Beans w/tomato sauce, drained, (Van Camps)
¼ Cup                 Firmly packed brown sugar
1 small                Onion. finely chopped and sauteed until they
                           start to caramelize.
¼ Cup                 Ketchup
3 Tbs.                  Molasses (Grandma’s unsulphered)
1 tsp.                   yellow prepared mustard
½ tsp.                           salt
½ tsp.                           pepper
3-5 slices             bacon. Cooked crisp & crumbled

Mix together in a casserole or other dish cover and cook/heat 45 minutes  or until piping hot..

  4 – 6  servings…


Drain the beans.

Use onions, beans, mustard, Grandma’s Molasses and bacon as noted above  and just add my BBQ sauce to them…   Tabasco can’t hurt….