The Story of our Sauce

    Back in the early 70s Kay fussed around with spices and ingredients and finally came up with this sauce. In the mid 80s someone talked me into entering a BBQ contest at Eastmont Mall in East Oakland (California) They didn't tell me that is was mostly local politicians and the local rib houses.  Everyone around there knew the members of the City Council and the people from the rib places. They wondered why I was there. I was the
 local banker. What could I possibly know about BBQing But, since I was there I figured I might as well go through with it.
    Well the first year I took third place for ribs. The second year I got first place trophies.  I got first place trophies the local rib houses didn't get.  How cool was that?
    Fast forward 20 years.  Family and friends loved our sauce but that was about it.  Then I started my CarlDeCook web site.  I asked the nice folk at AOL Food (about 15 years ago..long gone, now)  to look at the site to see if they liked it. They did. they not only included it in their list of "favorite sites" but decided to make up my BBQ dinner. Well they didn't get to the beans and they liked the mac and cheese OK but it was the ribs that they loved.

Here are some of the comments from the AOL Test Kitchen:

I LOVE THE RIBS!  I've been cooking ribs various ways on the grill since a few summers ago, but these ones were the best I've had! Thank you for making these!
The ribs were fabulous -- restaurant quality. Really tender and juicy, and not too sweet.
These were the best ribs I've ever eaten! Thanks Carl, and thanks AOL Test Kitchen
I love ribs. And I loved these ribs -- very tender and the sauce is oh so sweet! Many thanks to you for these!
I love the ribs. Very nice!
  And one lady made them up at home...
   The kids were so excited about the BBQ dinner last night - I don't think I've ever seen all three of them so thrilled with the food choices! Here are some of the comments:
"This is the best dinner in the entire world!"
"These ribs are better than....Famous Dave's....Glory Days....even Grandaddy's!"
"Mommy, I love ribs so much. The are so yummy!"

Thanks, Carl, for the recipes and an absolutely delightful dinner!!!

WOW! 40 years since Kay whipped up her first batch and 40 years after the first BBQ trophy they still love our ribs.

Thank you AOL Test Kitchen.