I am not a Chef. I'm not even a very good cook. But these recipes are easy and they make me seem a lot better than I really am.

I started out just making CDs for family members who wanted recipes we have. the problem was that I couldn't keep up with the requests and someone always wanted something that wassn't on the CD. So, I found a place that provided free web space. Soon that, too was too small so I decided to get my own web site and I thought Carl DeCook was a good play on my name, Carl Depew.

As I said, I'm not a "chef". I just like to have fun with recipes and e-mail and chat with people around the country.

After Kay was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, in 1992, I started doing more and more cooking and now I'd rather be in the kitchen making a big mess than just about anything else. I just wish I had the energy to clean it all up as quickly as Kay would like.

I have over 6,000 old family recipes.  Many of them are in little plastic sleeves and some have notes as to what they's do different next time. We don't use most of them and it would take too long to put them in here. So, this site will be only our favorites. So many cook books have only a few recipes you really like and use. Here, just about every one will be a winner.
Most Kay gathered together over the past 37ish years we've been married. Some of the old family recipes came from my Aunt Ginny. Virginia Lincoln was married to my mother's older brother, Uncle Bob, and she was a great cook. I have six 3x5 file drawers full of her recipes. Most are in little cellophane envelopes and many have notes written on the sides or back as to how people liked that dish and what she might do differently next time. Aunt Ginny had it all together.

Other recipes are from my mother who was, also, a great cook. Except for that one time when the pot roast went through the little release valve on the top of the pressure cooker. I forget if the dinner guest was the governor or a U. S. Senator but at the time it was a disaster. Later, it was one of Mom's favorite stories to tell about herself.

There are a few from my grandmother Lincoln and from her mother. So they must go back into the mid 1800'ds in Eaton Ohio where we still have Lincoln and Duke cousins.

Some recipes are from Kay's Mom, Grace Carlson and some Kay and I worked out.

Enjoy. and, remember recipes are just preliminary instructions. After you try one, think about it. Then add more or less of something and add or eliminate something so it fits your taste. These are mine. Improve them to your palate and make them yours.

These are our favorites and we think they are sooo good. If they wern't, I wouldn't be sharing them.

Have fun looking through them and enjoy. If you have questions about a recipe or would like menu suggestions E-mail me at Carl@CarlDeCook.com