Gooood ribs! Just beggin' to jump off that ol' bone an' into your mouth.....
What's better than a slab of ribs? Two slabs - - -per person.....
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Easter 2012 in our back yard
Jason Myers; Dore' Depew Myers; Carl Depew; Marc Depew
Nathan Myers; Jessica Myers; Kay Depew;
Emalie Depew; Jaden Depew and Carrie Spears Depew
Carl 2012
  • Diva Concert in Las Vegas
    Pre Concert Party
    Rehearsals (2)
    On Stage During Rehearsals
    On a Segway
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Great party
What a
On stage
at the
Diva Concert
Part of the seating area during rehersals for a VH1, Save the Music DIVA Concert in Las Vegas
On a Segway
in Las Vegas.
One of the
most amazing
experiences I
ever had.
Our 35th anniversary
Kay at home
This is a Samick guitar with a P-95 pickup and flat wound strings.
A very smooth blues sound.
The legendary Richard Kearns and me on our deck ready to jam
and have a great time.
Carl, Dana and Gary. together again after 40 years
Which one is the turkey?
BBQ Trophies from the BBQ contest
 at Eastmont Mall in Oakland.
First place for Chicken and Beans.
Someone stole the one for Ribs.
so I can't show it.
These are the few that
Everett and Jones didn't win.
BBQin' at the Eastmong Mall BBQ contest.
Who is that young kid? About the only people
who would recognize him are Dorothy Everett,
a couple of Raiders from the 80s and there's
 Pat Hodges in the background. Well, the smile is
 about the same.
I do smile a lot when I'm cookin'.