Dutch Babies


Dutch Babies
The McDuffees

Kay Depew

   Around  1985 we were invited to use the McDuffee's cabins at Alder Creek, a delightful area along the American river just below Kyberz. Our family (Mom, Dad, sisters and I) had been visiting friends there since the late 40s   and it was a thrill, almost 40 years later, to watch my children having fun where I did when I was their age.
    Herb was either fixing or installing a new washer in the White's cabin and his wife made some Dutch Babies.  It was an immediate hit, she gave Kay a copy of her recipe and every time we have it we remember a great times at Alder Creek. There is always something wonderful going on at Alder Creek.
    Well, the White's cabin (More like a home) is now the McDuffie's cabin and the McDuffie's cabins are the the Brewers cabins but they are still the same family and Dutch Babies are still a favorite... 65 years later.
    i went up to the Alder Creek Cabins again about 2013. It was amazing to see signatures of so many friends who signed it so many years ago. And, I signed, again, about 65 years after my first visit.. The White home is now the McDuffee cabin and the McDuffee Cabins are the Brewer cabins.  Same wonderful family...Just growing. 

Preheat oven to 425

1 cup     flour (sifted)
1 cup     milk
4 eggs
½ tsp.    salt
¼ cup    butter (or whatever)

Blend eggs & milk for 1 minute.
Add flour & salt.
Melt butter in an oven-safe skillet/frying pan. - We always use a 10 inch iron skillet. Another skillet would probably work but we used an iron skillet at Alder Creek so that's what we always use.
Pour batter into skillet and bake for 20 – 25 minutes. . . .
   The batter will rise up the sides of the skillet and probably puff up in the middle.....

        With just two of us, now, I prepare two 1/4 of the recipe and cook them in two 8-inch cast iron skillets. but,anything that will take the 425 temperature  will work....

We like these with some butter and plumb jelly or jam.